Safety First

Your Health & Safety is always 1st at STRONG VILLAGES is committed to providing all village travelers (volunteers) who travel with us to care for indigenous people worldwide, a safe atmosphere conducive to not only helping others, but to learn about different cultures and experience personal growth.  We believe our strict safety policies, responsible doctors, caring group leaders and long term local representatives in each country/destination ensure a safe and rewarding experience for all village travelers (volunteers).

In addition, please know that we reserve the right to terminate any person’s stay without refund for any actions that would put at risk the safety of themselves or others. This includes alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs.

Vaccinations & Immunization Record

Make sure your tetanus shots is up to date. Consult your physician for advice in respect to anti-malarial medication, gamma globulin, typhoid and hepatitis shots. The doctors who travel with us may provide instructions for anti-malaria medication or antibiotics that village travelers may take for precautionary measures.  If you have any physical or medical limitations, or allergies of any kind, please advise when booking your expedition so that we may better serve you and make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

International Travel: U.S. Department of State International Travel Information

Travel to Belize:  Health Information for Travelers to Belize

Travel to Ecuador:  Health Information for Travelers to Ecuador

Travel to India: Health Information for Travelers to India

Passport Record

Make sure your passport is up to date. Consult your local passport office for advice in respect to travel requirements and documents, such as your passport, which is needed to leave your country of origin and return.  Also, please make copies for our office and email it to your self or take a picture of it opened with your smartphone in case it were to be misplaced or lost.


Safe drinking water, either purified or bottled, may be required on the trips. Most of the housing we reside in, such as in Belize, allows us to use water to fill our canteens for drinking and brushing teeth.

All other water usage in many other countries will have river water or collected rainwater that is stored in cement vats and piped to sinks, showers and toilets. We CANNOT drink water from these sources in the villages because parasites can exist and we are not immune to them.


Food in most countries is good and plentiful. In Caribbean countries, such as Belize, dishes typically consist of corn tortillas, rice, beans, chicken, fresh seafood and fruits. Meals are generally served buffet style and breads are home baked. It is also advisable for village travelers to bring snacks, crackers, small cans of tuna, or gum and candies to have something from home to munch on as well. Also, village children love to receive a piece of gum or candy when we are visiting their village.


Once in a while mosquitoes and sand flies may come around in Belize, especially if the breezes die down at South Water Caye, or when conditions at Blue Creek are particularly rainy. A little insect repellent will do the trick.

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