Planning to go

Process required to go on a trip with STRONG VILLAGES

1) The Participant Agreement and Medical & Liability Release form must be completed and signed by all village travelers (and/or parent or guardian if under age 18) and mailed ( P.O. Box 1350 Agoura Hills, CA US 91376)  or faxed (818-865-1296) or scanned and emailed back to our USA office .

2) Please  list your cell phone number and the best time to reach you so the Travel coordinator  can make contact with you about the trip. Also a copy of your passsport is required before we depart.

3) In addition please make sure you have confirmed with your doctor about any vacinations you will need prior to the trip. Also please let us know if you have any health restrictions. It is very important to bring on the trip all medicene you take that has been prescibed by your physician.

4) Upon receipt of your Participant Agreement and Medical & Liability Release Form you will be contacted by our Travel Coordinator.  The Travel Coordinator  will be available to you througout the entire process by email and phone to respond  to any questions or concerns about the trip  and/or  any issues that may arise any time prior to the trip. Each Trip has a group leader that helps coordinate the day to day activities fro you and other team members. There is also team doctor who travels with Strong Villages as well. After the trip, you will receive a follow up  and continued interaction from Strong Villages as well. We hope your experience will be great time for you, with hopes you will travel and volunteer your valuable time with Strong Villages  again!

5) Final payment to Strong Villages will need to be paid 60 days prior to your departure. In addition you will need to purchase your airfare for the flights designated for the trips. Your Travel Coordinator will assist you with this process as well.  Note * While all teams are scheduled to  travel together on the same flights and are scheduled to arrive together each part of the journey until we reach our destination to and from, some members will require variation. The travel coordinator at Strong Villages will assist all members with transporation to and from our destination.

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