History Was Made in Belize!


Dr. Laura Matsunaga & Julie Driscoll help a Mayan patient.

The radio crackled with excitement. “The Strong Villages dental team will be making replacement teeth,” the DJ announced. This was exciting because it hadn’t been done before by a volunteer group.


Many Belizeans have waited decades to replace lost or decaying teeth. The need for dental care is so great, there’s no way the one dentist for 31,000 people of the Toledo district can keep up. It’s just humanly impossible. Because of this, many villages have waited years to smile.

Strong Villages doesn’t “do” impossible.

In May, 2016, our talented team of compassionate dental professionals and volunteers relieved years of suffering by providing “replacement teeth” or dentures…and they did it within 24 hours! That kind of turnaround doesn’t happen even in the US.


Dental Lab Tech, Wilma Peterson and Dental Student, Julie Driscoll, Celebrate a Patient’s New Smile

There’s no greater feeling than watching someone’s face light-up when they see their new teeth for the first time.


Not only was oral health restored, but so was their confidence to smile.

Smiles…you never forget.

Smiles…which motivate you to help more next time.

Smiles…to remind us “Compassion in Action” is more than a slogan. It’s a way of life.

And how can that not make you smile?

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