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What is our future?

 It’s great to demonstrate accomplishments with statistics, stories and great photos. However, equally important is a clear, concise message as to what one’s future may hold. Here at Strong Villages we have a great plan!  In 2018 Strong Villages Global Volunteer Travelers will return to Belize, Cuba, Ecuador and India. In addition as a first, Chile and Argentina are also […]

#dreams come #true

#dreams come #true   Passion to fulfill our dream can drive us beyond physical limitations and through many tough mental battles. Knowing this we choose to stay in the game…fully vested…looking for the chance…an opportunity…that others in this world may not be blessed with. Doing so we succeed when others may not. We stay happy because of our gratitude and confident because we […]

Jeff MacIntyre

Jeff MacIntyre-Producer/Camera/Editor

Jeff is an Emmy award winning producer who has logged 20+ years as a freelance producer/shooter/editor for ABC News. Assignments have taken him to Africa, Europe, Indonesia, the Middle East, as well as Central and South America. Jeff has garnered over 20 nominations and won 9 Emmys, including 3 Edward R. Murrow Awards, a Unity Award and more. Jeff is a village […]

Village Traveler- Dr Jenni

Dr Jenni Triola Abramowicz  went on her first dental mission trip with Dos Amigos Dental & Medical Mission at age 17,  long before she became  the professional dentist she is today.  As a village traveler, with Strong Villages  she helps provide dental care to indigenous people worldwide. “I truly love the dental profession. Being able to work with the dental team […]

Who are the Village Travelers?

  Villages Travelers are people like you, people like me.  We are ordinary people who have chosen to live life in an extraordinary way. We travel to remote locations though out the world and assist indigenous people with dental and medical services. In return, the villagers allow us to experience their unique environment of rain forest villages, ancient artifacts and […]