Board of Directors

Meet the Strong Villages Board…


Lynn Bealer


Lynn has traveled internationally for over 20 years with dental & medical missions all over the world and is the  Co-founder and International Director for Strong Villages. Lynn holds a RE Corporate License. She has a MA in Sociology with an emphasis in Gender Equality. She also is a member of the Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity Section for the ASA. Lynn is a Strong Villages Global volunteer. Lynn Bealer @ LinkedIn

    Jeff MacIntyre-Strong Villages

    Jeff MacIntyre


    Jeff is an Emmy Award winning TV producer and owns the Los Angeles-based video production company, Content Media Group. He has logged 15+ years as a freelance producer, shooter & editor for ABC News. Assignments have taken him to Africa, Europe, Central America, Indonesia, The Middle East and South America. Jeff has won 11 Emmy Awards and four Edward R. Murrow's. He is a proud Strong Villages traveler and co-founder of Strong Villages, Inc.


      • Lynn Bealer, M.A.
        Sociologist /Los Angeles, CA
      • Jeff Maclntyre
        Producer /Los Angeles, CA
      • Laura Matsunaga, D.D.S.
        Dentist Anesthesiologist /Los Angeles, CA
      • Joseph Bealer
        UBS Financial Services Inc. / Westlake Village, CA
      • Victoria Crawford Weiss
        Account Management / Agoura Hills, CA

      Advisory Board

      • Ananda Murthy D.D.S.
        Dentist / Long Beach, CA
      • Bobby Stankov D.D.S.
        Dentist / Woodland Hills, CA
      • Divya Raina D.D.S.
        Dentist/ Atlanta, GA
      • Jenni Triola Abramowicz, D.M.D.
        Dentist / Columbia, SC
      • Krishan Patel, D.D.S.
        Dentist / Austin, TX
      • Michael J. Weiss
        Abrams, Garfinkel, Margolis, Bergson LLP
        Attorney/ Beverly Hills, CA
      • Steve Smailes
        Adviser, Lindsey Wealth Management / Ventura, CA

      Tumul k’in Health Center Advisors

      • Charlie M. Arita D.D.S.
        Endodontist / Morgan Hills, CA
      • Zacharias J Kalarickal D.D.S.
        Dentist / Wesley Chapel, FL
      • Everett Foster
        Healthcare / Toledo District, Belize
      • Victor Cal
        Teacher/ Tumul k’in School of Learning, Belize
      • Zelda Tanner
        Teacher/ Yemeri Grove, Belize