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Strong Villages brings much needed care to villages around the world. We do it all with help from volunteer dentists, doctors, teachers, students & others like YOU! Learn About SV

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                         Travel with us in 2017 & 2018 to BELIZE  in Mar, Apr, Jun or Nov ~CUBA  in Apr ~ ECUADOR in June  ~INDIA in Mar & Dec! Travel Info Here

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Are you KIND & CARING ? Can you help our HARDWORKING team ? We NEED toothbrushes, school supplies & more for Belize, Cuba, Ecuador & India Trips 2017 & 2018! Donate Items Here

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                    Villages around the world need help with dental and medical care. Strong Villages helps provides care as well as support for language revitalization and culture sustainability. Learn More

Empowering Youth Around the Globe

History Made in Belize!

Can you imagine waiting decades to replace a missing or decaying tooth? For many people in Belize, there isn't another option. The need is great and access to care severely limited. The Strong Villages dental team did something no other volunteer group had: make replacement teeth in under 24 hours! The results will make you smile. Read more...

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